Concert Gallery – Adam Ezra Group Ramble 4


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The Adam Ezra Group‘s Ramble is an annual music festival during which fans of the band gather for some great music and a good cause.  Find out more about it from the interview with Adam Ezra posted in this site … Continue reading

The Ramble 4 at Salisbury Beach with New England’s Best Band

Ramble 4 at Salisbury Beach, August 24, 3 pm What are you doing this Saturday? How about coming out to hear a little live music? Live music is awesome! You never know what’s going to happen on stage or what a band will decide to play, especially if the headliner is a band like the Adam Ezra Group, current holder of the title for New England’s Best Band. Their live shows are legendary, and this Saturday their headlining a full day of music on two stages (starting at 3pm but going late!) that includes seven other acts playing a variety of styles of music, all personally selected by the band. Are you interested yet?

What if I told you there will also be fireworks, activities for children, food and drink, and members of the New England Revolution at the event, and that it’s all for a good cause?  Well that’s not all!  Continue reading

Dean Fields Talks about “Any Minute Now,” Arriving Tuesday

Cover artwork by Brian Thibodeau

Cover artwork by Brian Thibodeau

Any Minute Now is a new EP from Nashville-based singer-songwriter Dean Fields due to arrive… wait for it…. As much as I’d love to type “any minute now” at this point, there is a release date and it’s just days away, Tuesday August 13. The EP follows his 2011 EP Under A Searchlight Moon, a clever and wildly romantic selection of tunes that Fields wrote himself. On this collection all but one of the tracks were co-written with other artists, yet they are tracks that he felt strongly invested, and that he felt spoke for him as an artist. It was a big change for an songwriter who had always worked alone. It may seem odd to follow up an EP with another EP, and in fact, he had planned a full length album.  But a confluence of life circumstances and aesthetic considerations led to the decision to release this collection of songs now, saving the others for a later release. The songs seemed to belong together, and they were ready for release.

I learned about all of this and more in an August 1, 2013 interview with Fields in the Stratton Student Center at MIT, in the midst of a series of concerts in Cambridge, Boston and environs. Now based in Nashville, he grew up in Mechanicsville, VA, just outside of my hometown of Richmond, VA. I’ve been listening to his music for a while, but had not seen him perform. We talked the morning of his show at that institution of the Cambridge music scene, Club Passim. Of course the main topic of conversation was the new record Any Minute Now. Continue reading

Concert Scrapbook: Paul Weller with Matthew Ryan Opening


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I’ve been a fan of Paul Weller since a friend introduced me to The Jam back in high school. His musical styles have evolved and changed with the times, but the fundamentals have remained. Clever, socially aware lyrics set to … Continue reading

Concert Scrapbook: July 27, 28 at the Newport Folk Festival


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This is just a collection of randomly selected and arranged photos from Saturday and Sunday, July 27 and J8 at the Newport Folk Festival at Fort Adams State Park in Newport, RI.  The Newport Jazz Festival was this weekend.  I … Continue reading

Grassroots Organizing with the Music Community and Fans: An Interview with HeadCount Director Andy Bernstein

HighRes_Logo_20120814_94734Ask someone who goes to a lot of concerts what the organization HeadCount is, or what it does, and they’ll probably say it’s a voter registration organization. Ask HeadCount co-Founder and Executive Director Andy Bernstein the same question, and you’ll get a very different answer.  He’ll also tell you about voter registration, of course, but in almost in the same breath he’ll make sure you understand that’s not all they do.

He’s understandably very proud of HeadCount’s success with voter registration, registering over 250,000 people in their short history. That’s an incredible accomplishment, but it is only part of their mission.  He’s equally very proud of the organization’s role as the “grassroots organizing arm of the live music community.”  He believes passionately in the potential of music to affect positive change through grassroots efforts and effective use of the political system.  That, to my mind, is the new and innovative aspect of HeadCount’s vision.

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Concert Scrapbook: Scorpios, Americanarama & the 6 Act Sunday Show


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Thursday July 18 through Sunday July 21 I saw a lot of great artists perform live! These are my photos. They’re not great, as I was experimenting with a brand new camera. Still I wanted to share. I don’t have … Continue reading