The Ramble 4 at Salisbury Beach with New England’s Best Band

Ramble 4 at Salisbury Beach, August 24, 3 pm What are you doing this Saturday? How about coming out to hear a little live music? Live music is awesome! You never know what’s going to happen on stage or what a band will decide to play, especially if the headliner is a band like the Adam Ezra Group, current holder of the title for New England’s Best Band. Their live shows are legendary, and this Saturday their headlining a full day of music on two stages (starting at 3pm but going late!) that includes seven other acts playing a variety of styles of music, all personally selected by the band. Are you interested yet?

What if I told you there will also be fireworks, activities for children, food and drink, and members of the New England Revolution at the event, and that it’s all for a good cause?  Well that’s not all! 

Ramble2012What if I told you that it all happens outdoors, in the sun, on the beach, just an hour north of Boston, at Salisbury Beach, and that the weather forecast is perfect? What if I told you it’s all free, but that every penny you spend while there will help get homeless veterans off the street and into their own homes?

Would that be enough to get you to the Adam Ezra Group’s 4th Annual Ramble this Saturday, August 24, 2013 at Salisbury Beach? I know this sounds like an ad, and maybe it is kind of promotional, but you can only blame me, the writer.  This piece was my idea, not the Adam Ezra Group or any other event sponsors.  How can one not want to promote this thing?  It’s the ultimate feel good event.  There really shouldn’t be homeless veterans that we have to raise money for, but at least events like this give us a chance to do something about the fact that there are, and to have fun at the same time!

People will be coming from all over New England on pre-arranged buses from Boston, MA, Cambridge, MA, Hartford, CT, Durham, NH, Londonderry, NH, Smithfield, RI and Portland, ME, among other places. The buses are a tradition that started with the first Ramble four years ago, as Adam explained in a short interview about the event, how it got started, and what those attending can expect. He also explained to me why he feels so strongly about activism and giving back to the community.

Listen to the interview here, approximately 15 minutes.

Even if you can’t make it out to the Salisbury Beach on Saturday, there are ways you can participate.  You can watch the concert streamed live on the Get Rambled web site.

You can also make a donation now.

There you’ll also find a gallery with photos and video from Rambles 1-3.

Otherwise, maybe I’ll see you Saturday in Salisbury!


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