Concert Gallery – Adam Ezra Group Ramble 4

The Adam Ezra Group‘s Ramble is an annual music festival during which fans of the band gather for some great music and a good cause.  Find out more about it from the interview with Adam Ezra posted in this site last week and from Get Rambled Web site, where you’ll soon find a gallery from the day’s events.  In the meantime, here are some of the pictures I took that day.

Head over to the Get Rambled website for some information on the bands that played that day. There’s a link to each one’s site on this page. I got to Salisbury Beach a little late, so didn’t see everyone.  I now wish I had, as all the acts I did see where a lot of fun.  They came from a variety of musical styles, but my tastes are eclectic, so if you do what you do well, I will enjoy it.  A high quality of musicianship seemed to be the criteria for this event!

Ramble 4 HeaderThere are also pictures from The Ramble in previous years and soon, lots more images from this year. You can also find out about the event sponsors, make a donation to help support homeless veterans.  It only takes $1000 to provide get a veteran a  home!  That’s not much.

Now you may have scoffed and said, Ha, It’s a lot for me!  It is for me, too!  But the point of The Ramble, at least as I understood it, is community.  Lot’s of people doing what they can, even if it’s only a little, can add up to a lot.  So please go to the site and do what you can!

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