Hayes Carll at Club Passim

Hayes Carll at Passim

Hayes Carll at Passim

Hayes Carll, whose song “Hard Out Here” inspired the title of this site, played a great show at Club Passim, one of my favorite venues in the area, on July 16. The sold out show was his second in the area in seven days, and the first of two that night at Passim. He’ll also be back at The Lizard Lounge this Thursday.  It’s great to have him in town so often. I’m a big fan of his music, especially the lyrics, which alternately wildly funny, emotionally poignant, and sometimes both at once.

Here’s a few images from the concert at Passim.  Check out the show with Joe Fletcher on Thursday, if you can.  It ought to be good. You may also want to check out my interview with him, my first for this site. He’s an interesting guy, and an artist with integrity.



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