Concert Scrapbook: Scorpios, Americanarama & the 6 Act Sunday Show


Des Ark at the Middle East Downstairs

Thursday July 18 through Sunday July 21 I saw a lot of great artists perform live! These are my photos. They’re not great, as I was experimenting with a brand new camera. Still I wanted to share. I don’t have time to review these shows, but I’d like to make one point. There is a lot of great live music to be seen for very little money in small clubs and other venues. It’s also a much more pleasant experience. Then later, when those artists you saw in that small dive are playing in those stadiums, you’ll be able to say, “I saw them when…” Just make sure you have the mementos to prove it.

The first event in the images below is The Scorpios show at Great Scott on Thursday, July 18. The Scorpios are kind of a super group composed of Joey Cape, John Snodgrass, Brian Wahlstrom and Tony Sly, except of course, Sly, was only there is spirit, as they played many of his songs during the show.

Then there are photographs of the Americanarama Festival of Music in Mansfield, MA. The line up for this was Ryan Bingham, My Morning Jacket, Wilco, and Bob Dylan! I’ve not missed a Ryan Bingham show in this area since I discovered the guys music, and it’s no secret how I feel about his music. I don’t have images from his set, though. Security kept telling everyone who lifted a camera or phone that picture taking was prohibited during that concert. They were able to control it when the crowd was small, but they gave up eventually. By the time it got dark and the pavilion filled, everyone was taking pictures.

I personally don’t take many pictures at concerts, unless I’m actually there to document it that way. I get a bunch of shots for this site at the beginning of a set, then I put my camera away. I want to be at the show and enjoy the music, not be obsessed with taking pictures or video.

Sunday was the 6 act show at the Middle East Downstairs that I have already written about more than once. It was great!

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