Musicians’ Egos and the Six Acts Playing Sunday in Cambridge, Friday in Detroit

June21We all know how musicians are and how tough the music business can be.  Musicians have huge egos and the business is intensely competitive.  Because of these big egos, artists don’t work together well, and when the record companies make them do so, it’s the stuff of big drama. It’s what made last season’s tv drama Nashville a hit, and it’s the reason why we can only have one American Idol or winner of The Voice each season. Yet I hardly ever hear those kinds of stories when I talk to musicians. The kinds of stories I hear much more often are ones like the one Time Barry told me about how the six act show on Sunday, July 21st, Downstairs at the Middle East came about.

In effect the artists, who are friends, decided to combine their shows in the Boston area in order to avoid competing with each other and splitting the audience.  It works out well for them, and it works out even better for the fans who will get to see six acts for about $15!  I can’t wait. Cory Branan and Tim Barry are two of my favorite artists, and I’ve heard great things about the other acts.  The same line up will also play in Detroit on Friday, July 26.

Click here to hear Tim explain how the shows came about.

I will be posting more of the interview very soon.  In the meantime, enjoy these clips from the artists playing Sunday.

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