Music, My Education, and Amnesty International

Conspiracy of Hope Poster

Conspiracy of Hope Poster

I’m watching the DVD of the “A Conspiracy of Hope” Concert in Giant’s Stadium in 1986. The all-day concert was the last in a ten-day series to raise money for and awareness of the work done by Amnesty International, and it featured folk acts Joan Baez and Peter, Paul, and Mary; Jazz artists artists like Mary Joni Mitchell, the Neville Brothers and Miles Davis; Latin and World Music stars like Ruben Blades, Carlos Santana and Fela Kuti; and some of the biggest artists of the day like Lou Reed, U2 and the Police. One of the highlights for me is Peter Gabriel’s performance of “Biko”, an powerful song that tells the story of a South African anti-apartheid activist who died in detention in 1977.

That song moved me so deeply I had to find out more. Continue reading

Happy Dysfunctional New Year!

Happy New Year! The Holidays have some great music associated with them, but New Year Eve and New Years Day generally get short shrift. Most of us only know Auld Lange Syne and What are you Doing New Years Eve? My favorite version of the latter is below.

There are other songs, though. I’ve compiled a short list on YouTube, but they are not the hopeful forward-looking best-is-yet-to-come tunes. These are slightly darker. That’s really the only criteria. I share them here, just for fun.