Gallery Cory Branan and Chuck Ragan at the Sinclair


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I don’t know of anyone who can rock and acoustic guitar as well as singer-songwriter Cory Branan, even all alone on stage!  He was a powerhouse opening act for Chuck Ragan and the Camraderie.  The gravely voice of this Punk-infused … Continue reading

Adam Ezra Group Release Better than Bootleg 2 at the Sinclair January 2

The Adam Ezra Group

The Adam Ezra Group

The Adam Ezra Group is celebrating the release of Volume 2 of the Better than Bootleg series with a show at The Sinclair in Cambridge, MA on January 2. Like its predecessor, Better than Bootleg, Vol 2 is a live recording, but while all the songs on Volume 1 came from one single performance, the recordings on this collection are taken from different shows. (Cl

In an interview conducted on December 13, Adam Ezra explained that it is not a live album” in the usual sense, documenting a single concert from beginning to end.  Rather the collection represents the band’s ongoing experiments at finding the best way to engineer recordings that “translate the energy from our live shows into a recording.”  I quite like the approach taken to this collection.  A live recording of a show on a single night is documentation of that specific night’s, but this approach feels more representative of the band’s live shows in general.  It mixes things up.  The tracks include performances of some of the bands best known songs such as “Burn Brightly” and “Steal Your Daughter,” one cover of James Taylor’s “Sweet Baby James,” as well as some of the newest songs in the band’s repertoire. (Click here to jump to a video of “Hippy Girl,” another song from the album.)   Continue reading

Lucero at the Sinclair


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Almost a month ago I caught the last night of a three night series of Lucero shows at the Sinclair in Cambridge, MA. The band played an acoustic set followed by an electric set. At one point front man Ben … Continue reading

Cory Chisel and Will Dailey Play Intimate Show at the Sinclair

Ade Denae, Cory Chisel, Matt Pynn and Will Dailey close the show.

Ade Denae, Cory Chisel, Matt Pynn and Will Dailey close the show Monday night.

The audience that turned out for the show on Monday at The Sinclair in Cambridge was  small.  Both the headliner, Cory Chisel from Appleton, Wisconsin and Boston’s own Will Dailey are capable of drawing much larger audiences, so I’m not sure what happened.  Maybe the storm warnings around the area made people nervous about traveling in; maybe it was because it was because it was a Monday show during the Fourth of July week, and people were out of town; maybe it was because the show was not well enough publicized…  Who knows?  Whatever the reason, the turnout was small. That can really affect the energy of a show, but it didn’t seem to be the case on Monday night.  Both acts played great, exciting sets. In fact one might argue the show benefitted from having fewer people in the crowd, creating a more intimate atmosphere and some exciting audience interaction.

As far as I was concerned, Chisel had some high expectations to meet.  I’ve been wanting to see him play live since I bought a Windows desktop in 2009 and the music video for his song “Born Again” came with Windows Media Player. Continue reading