Mashrou’ Leila at Middle East Downstairs


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Mashrou’ Leila are a phenomenally talented band from Beirut that plays music that we’ll call Alternative Rock, for lack of a better term.  The fact is that it defies easy characterization.  The songs are in Arabic, and clearly influenced by … Continue reading

Cory Branan, The Middle East, and Feeling Better Than It Should

Cory Branan @ The Middle East

Cory Branan @ The Middle East

Cory Branan makes Mutt Music! That may sound like a lame insult I’ve just invented, but it’s actually the term he’s been using to describe his music for some time, and it’s what he alluded to in titling his most recent album Mutt. He proudly owns the hybrid, eclectic styles of music it contains, and well he should.  He shifts and combines styles seamlessly.  It’s brilliant. His musical style was one of the topics of conversation when I interviewed him before his set at the Middle East Downstairs on July 21st.
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