Roxanne Cash at the Sanders Theater

On November 13th I had the pleasure of seeing Rosanne Cash at the Sanders Theater in Cambridge. The Sanders is a great venue for a concert. The acoustics are wonderful, and nearly every seat has a decent view of the stage. It’s an ideal venue for Rosanne Cash and her band of remarkably talented musicians. The evening was part of the Celebrity Series of Boston, and consisted of two sets, the first of which consisted of Cash’s most recent album, The River and the Thread, performed in its entirety. The second half consisted of an assortment of songs from throughout her career.

Marc Hirsh has written an excellent review for The Boston Globe that describes the concert and it’s sequencing. There’s not much else to add except to call out the outstanding band that Rosanne Cash had accompanying her, including Boston’s own Kevin Barry, seen in the gallery above seated at the pedal guitar.

I’ll also add my voice to the accolades for The River and the Thread. I quite enjoyed hearing Cash talk about the songs in that rich collection. She has recorded some great albums, but this one is really quite extraordinary. Each track holds up as a song on its own, but as a group they are also a truly cohesive recording. It’s because of this that it made so much sense to perform the album in its entirety as they did at the Sanders that night.

One might have thought the second set could only have been a disappointment, but the band had some big, crowd-pleasing songs up their sleeves, so the more eclectic second half of the show was equally brilliant, albeit in a different way.

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