Concert Gallery: Paolo Nutini with Phox at House of Blues in Boston

Caustic LoveI’ve been eagerly waiting for a new album from Paolo Nutini, and for a chance to see him in concert for a while.  He’s released a few live recordings and they’re just great!  He teased us in the States a bit releasing the full length album Caustic Love in the UK a few months earlier than its Stateside release, while we had to content ourselves with the Iron Sky EP.  But I was already blown away by the EP.  I’d been wanting to see Nutini in concert for ages, and those songs just made me even more eager.  I didn’t waste a moment when I heard he was coming to Boston.  I got tickets.  I wasn’t disappointed.

He had a great band and he put on a marvelous show.  He doesn’t give you precise mechanical performances of his songs exactly as they sound on the records.  He reworks them so they sound great with the musicians he’s playing with at the moment he’s singing them.  For example, Caustic Love, the album he was touring to promote, is very different from anything he’s done before really, much more funky, and the mood of the show reflected it.  So when he played songs from earlier in his career, or integrated part of one into another song as he did once, they were reworked them in such a way that they almost seemed as if they belonged on this record!  The gallery below documents the show.

He had a pretty great opening band, to.  Phox from Wisconsin were pretty amazing, with a much more  folksy sound than Nutini, but still uptempo and fun.  I’m eager to hear more.  In any case, I hope you enjoy the images and that you’ll check out the music, too!

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