Gallery: Inside the Studio for the Making of Will Dailey’s National Throat

National Throat, Will Dailey’s 4th album, will be released to the general public soon, but two of the songs from it, “Sunken Ship” & “Castle of Pretending” are already available for free on NoiseTrade as part of on a 20 song sampler that gives you a taste of Dailey’s career to date.  It’s been up for a while and I’m not sure if there’s date when it will be removed, but you should get it while you can!  You get 17 songs spanning Dailey’s career, plus the two from the song to be released album and the previously unreleased “$300 Dollar Man,” a concert favorite, for nothing.  You can leave at tip (and you should), but nothing is required.

National Throat is a real gem of an album, the making of which was supported by Will Dailey’s fans through the crowd-funding site PledgeMusic.  You can still put in an advance order for the album at the site.  The PledgeMusic campaign also allowed me to bring you the gallery below.  Unlike most of the images in this site in my posts, I was not there when these photos were taken.  They came in a camera that was a as a reward for backing they National Throat PledgeMusic campaign.  The information in the captions was subsequently provided by Will.  So enjoy this glimpse inside the studio during the making of National Throat!

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