Concert Gallery: Dean Fields and Ari Hest Play Passim

I had a chance to chat with Dean Fields before his show at Club Passim last Friday, opening for Ari Hest.  I was excited to hear about his upcoming tour with Eliot Bronson, Jason Myles Goss, and Andy Zipf.  All four artists are successful independent singer-songwriters known for well-crafted, clever songs of various genres, and they’ll be hitting the road for nearly two weeks in June. You can download a free 12-song sampler containing songs by all four artists and see the dates, including a return to Club Passim on June 8, at  Dean’s enthusiasm about the dates was palpable.  He’s clearly looking forward to playing with the other artists who he both likes and respects.  I’m looking forward to the show here and will get tickets as soon as they go on sale.

He also told me he’s getting read to record a new album, and that he’ll probably do it in a new home studio.  He has more than enough news songs, some of which couldn’t be included on his most recent EP “Any Minute Now.” He had originally planned to put together a full album, but cut it down to the six songs on the EP.  He played some of the new songs during his set and the audience reaction led him to conclude, “That one’s a keeper.”  I’d agree.

The show was my first introduction to Ari Hest, who was also playing a return engagement at Passim.  His voice is rich and full, and he performed in a trio that included a keyboardist and percussionist.  The imagery of the lyrics is intriguing.  He told the audience that he’s also working on a new album, and that he’s been recording at Q Division Studios in Somerville.

The two sets complimented each other nicely.  Below is a concert gallery.  I hope you enjoy it.


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