Concert Gallery: Energized by Wakey!Wakey!

wakeywakeyIt wasn’t easy to get myself to the Wakey!Wakey! show at Brighton Music Hall on a chilly Tuesday night after a long day at work.  I’d only recently discovered the band one evening when I was trolling through PledgeMusic looking for some new music.  The page caught my attention mostly because of the intriguing banner at the top of the page.  It has an intriguing, well designed, graphic logo in the middle, and Mike Grubbs‘ eye staring at you from the right.  It also appealed to me because by the time I stumbled across the page, they’d also already raised what they needed to fund the album, so a portion of the proceeds were going to the American Diabetes Association, a cause I care about.  I gave the music a listen, liked it, and made a pledge.  Shortly after that they announced the concert and I decided to buy a ticket.  By the time the date rolled around, we were still mired in this never ending winter of 2014, and I kind of had to drag myself to the show.

It wasn’t long after the opening act Jillette Johnson took the stage that I felt energized and thrilled that I was there.  She writes heartfelt, lyrical songs and sings them with power, depth and clarity.  She was accompanied by a great drummer and guitarist who was equally at home on the pedal-steel guitar and mandolin.  I’d never heard her before, and I was much impressed!

Mike Grubbs came out solo and played a song from his forthcoming album before being joined by his equally flawless band.  Apparently there was an issue with the connection between the computer and the sound board, but I only noticed it because of a brief pause while Mike played with the wires.  They sounded great!  It was a fun show, the music punctuated by stories about the songs and banter with the audience.  Though the show wasn’t sold out, there was a good-sized crowd, and the energy level really high.  Wakey! Wakey! is a good name for a band that can make me feel so energized, even after such a day.  Check out the concert gallery below, followed by videos from both artists.

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