Leon Russell and Eric Himan on Tour

Russell HimanHey all you Southerners, specifically those in the Carolinas, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas, if you’re anywhere near the venues on the list below, get yourself to this show and see Leon Russell with Eric Himan opening. I saw this show last year in Ogunquit, ME and it was outstanding.

Leon Russell is a legend, inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on March 14, 2011.  His songs have been covered by everyone from Peggy Lee, George Benson, and The Carpenters to Amy Winehouse, Christina Aguilera and Sonic Youth.  He has played with such legends as diverse as George Harrison, Gram Parsons, Ringo Starr, Doris Day, Elton John, Ray Charles, Eric Clapton, The Beach Boys, Willie Nelson, Frank Sinatra, Bob Dylan, B.B. King, and the Rolling Stones.  In the early 2000s he had faded into near obscurity until long time admirer  Elton John brought him back into the public eye.  The two recorded an amazing album, The Union. I saw them perform together as part of T Bone Burnett’s Speaking Clock Review and I thought they might set the stage afire, it was such a smoking hot performance.

Eric Himan is an artists I have had the privilege of following through most of his career.  I can’t remember how it came to my attention, but he was an instant favorite.  I loved the voice, and the melodies, but it was the lyrics the spoke to me.  The words are deeply personal and sincere, but accessible and relatable. He’s the kind of artist who always pushes himself, and it’s been fascinating to hear him develop musically.  His most recent album, Gracefully, is as musically textured and rich as his lyrics. Read the story of the album in a previous post.

So it was amazing to see them on the same bill in Oqunquit.  I suspect that less than a dozen people in the crowd showed up to see Eric or even knew who he was.  It was definitely Leon’s crowd.  So I was a little nervous when Eric, solo with his guitar, took the stage.  But the man’s talented, charismatic, and a hell of an performer.  He won the crowd over and garnered quite a few new fans that night.

Then came Leon Russell.  He’s all of those things and more.  Plus he had a smoking hot band, songs everyone knew, and tales from showbiz career with which to regale the crowd.  It was an awesome show.  I loved every minute of it.

So if you’re in one of the areas below, go see the show.  I wish it were coming closer to home.  Click here for more information!

March 20th Franklin Theatre in Franklin, TN
March 21st Blind Tiger in Greensboro, NC
March 22nd Morehead Center in Morehead, NC
March 24th Cox Capital Theatre in Macon, GA
March 25th The Melting Point in Athens, GA
March 26th Saenger Theatre in Mobile, AL
March 27th Varsity Theatre in Baton Rouge, LA
March 28th Gruene Hall in New Braunfels, TX

Leon Russell and Eric Himan at Jonathan’s in Ogunquit, July 14, 2013

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