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St.Paul de Vence were looking for fan support to make a new album, I was on board, right away. Getting involved in crowdsourcing projects makes me feel like a bit of a producer, and I like the feeling of making music happen. Backers often get the music before anyone else, but if that’s not enough, you can get additional perks. In the case of St. Paul de Vence, I also just really want them to make an album as soon as possible. I wrote of my appreciation for their self-title debut in a previous post. It was an interesting, unique project with a distinctive sound.


The campaign ends Sunday Dec 22, 9:00pm EST, so act now!

The St. Paul de Vence Kickstarter Campaign is about to enter it’s last week, so if you want to get in on it, you need to do it soon. Earlier this week I interviewed band leader Benjamin Doerr about the plans for the new album. Find out what he had to say and watch a St. Paul de Vence performance below.
I was excited to see the Kickstarter campaign because it means you’re planning to make a new album. I’m onboard already! What made you decide it was time for a new record?

Well, it’s been two years since our debut record. I think in the back of my mind, I always thought I would have made the second one a year ago. But, we’ve had some changes and a lot of growth. I’m glad, ultimately, that we’ve been patient and allowed things to evolve naturally. But, it’s just time. We’re ready. We’ve got great new songs. Some we’ve been performing for a while and a few are just brand new. I’m glad you’re onboard! I know a lot of folks who have been asking us when the next record would be coming. So, now it’s coming.

Is this the first album you’ve done using crowdsourcing? Why raise the money this way? Did you look at other platforms like Pledgemusic or Indiegogo?

This is the first time I’ve done anything like this. I was hesitant at first. It’s a big deal to ask your community, your listeners, to pay for the music up front, and to maybe pay more than they would for the record in hand. I know it’s a huge honor and privilege to have this kind of support. But, ultimately, it came down to the fact that we could not make the record – the way we know it needs to be made – without crowdsourcing. We just don’t have that kind of working capitol without a label. This is a pretty amazing thing, and I’m seeing it already with those who have backed the campaign so far, that our listeners, friends and family trust us and know that we’re working really hard to make a great album. And I chose Kickstarter over the others because it seems to be kind of the mainstream. The one people know most about. It also had the best formatting, layout, design, and overall functionality – to my liking.

How will this record be similar to or different from the debut record of the band?

I think you’ll hear our roots, from the first record. The things that kind of stand out, that we care about: vocal harmonies, strong melodic structure and a deep narrative. Some of my grandfather’s narrative (which completely inspired and shaped the first record – his stories from fighting with the Free French during WWII) caries over.

But there is a lot of new stuff, too. Our sonic landscape, if you will, is much bigger now. We have Kale Lotton on bass and Jonny Gundersen on drums, which totally lifts the energy into a new and larger space. And with the addition, last year, of Lydia Ramsey we not have this wonderful female presence. Vocally, that’s a really nice balance, and she also brings some new instrumentation to the table. So, it will be different. It will be new, which is what I always want to do with every studio record. But, don’t worry, you’ll hear St. Paul de Vence, for sure.

What are some of the coolest things backers can get in exchange for their support? How did you come up with these rewards?

I think, the very coolest thing they will get is the music. I’m so excited to share what will come of this. And we’re pressing vinyl! So, for those who are into that, the Collector package is going to be really sweet. But, I’m also really excited about the Mix Tape package. It’s been really popular and it looks like I’m going to be making quite a few personalized mix tapes for folks…which I’m really excited about. I haven’t done that in years and it’s something I really miss (which tells you a bit about how old I am…haha). But geez! There are some other great ones…we have a day in the studio with the band, tickets for all of 2014, the band cooking dinner for you and your friends, a sailing trip on my sailboat…all kinds of fun stuff!

Will you tour promoting the album? Will it include the East Coast? South?

Touring in 2014 is definitely the plan. We’re working hard to make a spring tour happen. If that works out we’d be heading east, but not quite East Coast. The West Coast needs to happen for sure. That’s our coast! So, nothing is solidified yet, but this band is definitely ready to get on the road. We’ve also sold a stack of the first record throughout Europe, so it would be lovely to find a way to get there as well. But, for the immediate future, the focus is on making the second record!

Find out how you can help make it happen at Kickstarter!  The campaign ends Sunday Dec 22, 9:00pm EST, so act now!

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