Will Dailey and Mia Dyson at Davis Square Theater

Will Dailey

Will Dailey

Last Saturday, June 7, I went to Davis Square Theater in Somerville to see Boston’s own Will Dailey and Australia’s Mia Dyson in a show presented by the The Co-Op, “a central hub for musicians working together to create art with integrity.”  It was the last stop of their tour together, each promoting their new respective new PledgeMusic funded releases. It was my first time seeing Mia Dyson, who’s well known in Australia and working hard to become equally so in this country with her new release Idyllwild.  She puts on an exciting show, backed by an almost astonishingly good band that had visible chemistry.

Will Dailey, on the other hand, I’ve seen multiple times, and I seldom miss a chance when it arises.

Whether on the sage alone or with his band, he’s great live.  We’ve also been following the new album, “National Throat,” since the early days of the PledgeMusic campaign.  It translates brilliantly into live performance.

Undoubtedly the best part of the show was when the two bands joined for together for a kind of super group finale.  I especially enjoyed when each band member took their turn with the vocals doing an REM classic.  I hope you’ll be hearing more from both artists on this site.  For now, with that short introduction, I invite you to enjoy the gallery and take any chance you get to see either of these artists in concert.  You can go directly to Mia’s schedule here, and Will’s schedule here.

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