The Parlor Sessions Profile: Eliot Bronson

FB_profiles_Eliot-1Today we continue our series of profiles on the artists of the Parlor Sessions Tour with Eliot Bronson who was born in Baltimore where The Sun called him a “folk singing wunderkind.” The year after earning that praise he moved to Atlanta where he’s also earned similar praise from the press and built a sizable following.  He formed the duo The Brilliant Inventions which won a number of awards and built a sizable regional following until 2010 when his partner decided to pursue a career in photography.

For his part, Eliot continued his music career, releasing a solo album, Blackbirds in 2011, and an album called Milwaukee with his band the Yonder Orphans in 2012. He continues to receive accolades for his work, including first place in the Chris Austin Songwriting Contest at MerleFest (, an award whose laureates include Gillian Welch, Johnny Williams, and Tift Merritt.

Eliot Bronson, photo by Josh Lamkin

Eliot Bronson, photo by Josh Lamkin

When I checked out his site, the YouTube video for “New Pain” loaded up in the left. I’ve also included it at the end of this post. According to the description on YouTube, the song was performed “live at The Goat Farm as a part of ATL Collective’s on-going take-away show series” almost exactly a year ago. I’m not sure what it is about that song or his performance, but it’s got me hooked. I can’t get it out of my head.

Eliot gave me the shortest answers to the questions I submitted to each of the artists. It’s definitely piqued my curiosity. I do apologize, readers, for not following up on the favorite venues question by simply asking, “Which?” Perhaps I’ll get a chance in a follow up interview. He seems to be a man who likes to let his lyrics speak. Perhaps he’s right. What really matters are the songs, and his pull you in.

So check them out his tunes on the 12 song Parlor Sessions sampler and the video that follows his responses to my questions. Remember, also, to check out the tour schedule and the innovative Pals and Patrons program they’ve come up with.

Now let’s hear from Eliot:

What’s your hometown? Where do you live now? Which town is has more influence on your music?
I’m from Baltimore, but I’ve been living in Atlanta, Georgia for about 11 years. The south has had a big impact on me. It’s changed everything about how I approach music and writing.

Do you have a favorite among the venues on this tour?

What are you most looking forward to on this tour?
All the weird randomness of being on the road: truck stops, bad coffee, talking to strangers, bar fights, whatever.

Tell us about your most recent record and/or the project your working on now. Where can we get your music?
I just finished a record with producer Dave Cobb in Nashville (Jason Isbell, Strugill Simpson, The Secret Sisters etc.) I’m little-kid-happy about it. It’ll be out in September. Everywhere.

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