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6ffb9660a4c311e3b886125b351fb865_8The Parlor Sessions Tour, set to begin in 5 days at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC, sounds like it’ll be my favorite kind of show.  It’s 4 singer-songwriters playing together in small venues and interacting with one another.  In addition, as Andy Zipf puts it, “We really want to bring the audience into the experience.”  Yesterday I posted a short interview with Dean Fields explaining a little about about the tour.  Today I’m posting the first profile of the 4 artists who’ll be traveling in the Parlor Sessions minivan, starting with Andy Zipf, not because I’m going in reverse alphabetical order, but simply because his responses were the first I found when pulling the four responses up on my computer.

It seemed an appropriately random way to choose which to write first for a tour that doesn’t have a clear hierarchy of acts.  This will not be 4 acts playing in order of ascending importance, building to the headliner, but rather a “mutual admiration society” as Dean Fields called it. Watching artists interact is always interesting, and it’s another reason to come see this show.

So who is this guy with a name so full of consonants?  He’s definitely someone who believes music can have a lot of power.  


Andy Zipf from Tumblr

I was particularly intrigued by this quote at

Zipf doesn’t believe in playing music, rather immersing the audience in it. He is constantly looking for ways to create an experience that taps into equal parts rock and roll and big tent revival.

He released his most recent EP under the name Cowards Choir last year.

Born in Indianapolis, he moved around a lot, and currently resides in Northern Virginia where he is an independent artists.  He’s been a pioneer when it comes to making music that is directly financed by the fans through crowdsourcing.

For these profiles, I gave each artist on the tour a set of questions and asked them to respond to whichever ones they wished.  Andy’s responses are below, along with some music samples.  Of course you can get the 12 song tour sampler free on the Parlor Sessions site.

What made you decide to join this tour?
I’m a big fan of Dean Fields. We’ve done some shows together over the years. Dean got in touch and asked if I was interested. He told me Eliot and Jason were on board. I was familiar with Eliot, but Jason was new to me. I liked the idea right away. The cross promotional aspect is great. Folks that dig what I’m doing are getting introduced to the other guys for the first time, and vice versa. Its also refreshing to be a part of a like minded group, instead of showing up to a venue to be on a bill with complete strangers. We’ve been corresponding about this tour for months now. I feel like we’ve already got a base of consistency and community.

What’s your hometown? Where do you live now? Which town is has more influence on your music?
I grew up all over, but I have lived in the DC area for about 13 years. I can’t decide which town has more influence on me. They all have made their mark. I am most inspired when I travel.

Do you have a favorite among the venues on this tour? Why?  
IOTA in Arlington, VA is where I played my first shows 10 years ago, so I’m partial to it. It’s kind of my home base.

 What are you most looking forward to on this tour?
Trading stories with the guys on and off stage. Spontaneity. Tomfoolery. Those moments when a song connects with the whole room.

Tell us about your most recent record and/or the project your working on now. Where can we get your music?
Jealous Hands is my most recent record. I also released a new EP last August under a new moniker: The Cowards Choir. It’s called Reunion. You can find both on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc. Of course you can pick up a CD from me and the rest of the guys at a show on tour. You should probably do that. Yeah.

Give me the single best reason people should come out to see this show.
This isn’t going to be an in the round show where everybody is disconnected and trying to one up the other. Music is at its best when community is at the center. That’s what this show will be like. Four friends telling stories together.

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