Robbie Fulks at Passim October 13

Just a small gallery of images from the Robbie Fulks show at Club Passim on October 13.  It was a great show.  If you’ve heard his music, you know that Robbie Fulks has a great sense of humor.  He’s also go stage presence, both of which make for a lively show.  He came with a bassist, fiddler, and mandolin player, all of whom were amazing. Singer-songwriter Amy Fairchild played a great opening set.  She was also one of two artists who stepped into to sing a number with Robbie.  I didn’t get the other singer’s name, but he’s a drummer who used to tour with Fulks, and he is pictured below.  If you know his name or the names of any of the band members, post a comment. I’d like to know.

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