Music is Everywhere in New Orleans

The Bayou Shufflers at the Spotted Cat

The Bayou Shufflers at the Spotted Cat

I’ve never been to any other place where music is as omnipresent as it is in New Orleans. Of course there are more important centers of the music industry, producing much more of the stuff the world listens to and buys on a regular basis: Nashville, Los Angeles, London, New York and Paris are probably more important in that sense. And there are also other cities whose names immediately evoke music of one genre or another, such as Memphis and Detroit. But none that I’ve visited lives up to its reputation in quite the way New Orleans does. While the city is known for Jazz, you won’t have to look to hard to find almost every genre you might wish to hear.

This gallery is just an visual taste of the this, including some of the music I hope to cover in more detail in the coming weeks. I was in New Orleans for work, but great music is literally just waiting for you there on the streets as you walk past. When you go out at night you may be surprised to hear some of the same acts you heard out busking in the day. It’s fun and interesting to see how they and the listeners are different in the different settings. Some of the photos were taken by Rachid Aadnani. See more of this work at

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