Concert Gallery: Nickel Creek and The Secret Sisters

On May 1 the Boston show of a long awaited reunion tour of Nickel Creek at the House of Blues and The Secret Sisters opened.  It’s not my intention to review the show, but I’d like to make three quick comments before presenting some photos from the evening:

1) Nickel Creek need to keep making records and touring as a band.  The should keep doing their solo projects too, because hose have resulted in some truly great music.  But this show was brilliant, and they pretty much always are.  They’re sound good together, but more importantly, they are completely unique.  No one else sounds like Nickel Creek.

2) Sara watkins rocks. On one point, after a particularly great solo, Chris Thile told the Crown, “Sara Watkins, She’ll take you where you want to go.” After a short pause, he added, “As long as it’s nice.”  Sara leaned in and said something in audible, he chuckled, and said, “Oh, it doesn’t have to be nice,” which is presumably what she said to him.  She’s done a couple great solo albums, and at the Newport Festival one year during the band’s 6 1/2 year hiatus she sat in with the Decemberist and the Newport Folk Festival one year, playing pretty much any instrument she wanted.  In fact, it seemed like everyone wanted Sara to play with them that year.  It was amazing to watch, and I’ve been dying to interview her since.

3) The Secret Sisters are a damn good proof that it can be a good thing to get to the show on time!  To be honest, until I looked at my ticket that day, I didn’t realize they were the opening act.  I had seen them when they were in T-Bone Burnett’s Speaking Clock Review in Boston in 2010, and it prompted me to buy their debut album, which I love.  But neither their performance in the Review or the album prepared me for how great their set would be.  I’m embarrassed to admit that I didn’t know they’d finally released a new album, let alone that the songs were as good as they are.   They had a couple of brilliant supporting musicians with them, so they sounded great.  They were also completely engaging in their banter with the audience and each other.

Enough said.  On to the gallery:

For those not familiar with it, give a listen to some of the new music by each band.

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