Gallery: Saturday at the 2013 New England Americana Festival

New-Header-with-logos-Final1If you were anywhere nearby this weekend, Harvard Square was the place to be for the New England Americana Festival, now in its fourth year. This is a gallery of images from Saturday, September 28, featuring photos by Rachid Aadnani and myself. According to the event web page, over 50 local acts—solo artists, duos and bands—played on outdoor stages and in clubs throughout Harvard Square for the better part of three days. Not only did the event serve as an excellent reminder of the vast reservoir of musical talent that exists in the New England, but it was also a celebration of our musical heritage. There’s still a day left to support the NEAF ’13 Pledgemusic Campaign, and to get the New England Americana Festival Samplers. We’ll continue to keep an eye on the New England Americana Association, and hope to bring you more from them soon.

For more music photos by Rachid Aadnani, see Artists in Action @

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    • Thanks! My mistake. I will fix that right away. I missed the introduction and was trying to go by the schedule on my badge. I’ll have to fix that as soon as I get home from work. That would be one of my suggestions for next year’s festival, signage on the stages. That and a program revisions handout.

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