Gallery: Bleu and Will Dailey Wrap up PledgeMusic Tour at BMH

Will Dailey and Bleu on stage together during the last show on the PledgeMusic Tour

Will Dailey and Bleu on stage together during the last show on the PledgeMusic Tour

Will Dailey and Bleu wrapped up their PledgeMusic sponsored tour on Thursday night with a rocking, rollicking, high energy show at Brighton Music Hall, supported by Air Traffic Controller that felt a little like a reunion of old friends. Perhaps it was.

Will told the audience how he first met Bleu when they were both students in Boston and shared an apartment, and Air Traffic Controller didnt get far into their set before thanking Bleu for his support as producer of their albums. By the time that members of the previous acts joined Will Dailey’s trio on stage for the last set, you really did feel like you were at a party.

The contrast between the acts was fun, yet not jarring. Air Traffic Controller are a large group that’s been described as power pop and electro pop, but at least as it was played that night, it has a bit of an Americana feel to it, as well.  Perhaps it was the strings and acoustic instruments, or the way the hall was lit like a barnyard dance. Bleu was by far the most experimental act, controlling a lot of instrumental and vocal effects with his iPhone secured to the mic stand. He was accompanied by a bassist, mostly on an acoustic upright, and a drummer, and then by two drummers. He played songs from his new release and earlier records. Will Dailey played his unique brand of retro pop with his bassist and drummer. The songs from the new album I heard being mixed in the studio the day I interviewed Will translate well into live performances, and I’m looking forward to the new disc even more now.

So with that 1 minute review, I leave you with this gallery from the show. Enjoy!

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